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Transition Lens Houston

If you wear eyeglasses you would be familiar with the hassles of having to constantly switch between sunglasses and normal prescription glasses. A simple alternative to this issue is to get yourself a good pair of transition lenses. These photochromatic lenses, developed as a result of years of research, have a special feature that makes them darken during the bright light exposure and lighten when you are indoors with less light. The popular brand of Transitions was developed by Reactolite Rapide a few years ago. If you want to buy the top-notch and high-quality Transition lens from Houston, then Modern Optical store would be the best option for you.

Nowadays transition lens comes in a wide variety of textures, vibrant colors, and unique designs. During the initial stages of its development photochromatic lenses relied on the reaction of UV light and the silver halide coating to produce the desired effect. But recently technologies have advanced leading to the development of some proprietary dyes that undergo chemical changes to darken on UV exposure. Through continuous innovations, several transition lenses are developed nowadays that complement your lifestyle needs. These lenses are apt to wear when using a laptop or phone since it reduces eye strain and fatigue by resisting the exposure to harmful blue light.

Long term exposure to harmful sunlight can lead to other problems like getting cataracts later in life. These glasses provide extra comfort when driving and you can also add an extra anti-glare coating on the lenses. The showroom of Modern Optical offers a wide range of photochromatic eyewear and the major attractions include Transitions Signature, Transitions Vantage as well as Transitions XTRActive. These photochromatic lenses are one of the world's most intelligent products that automatically polarize when it is darkening outdoors. Its anti-glare quality ensures clearer, noticeably crisper and a sharper vision.

To learn more about the transition lenses and decide which prescription lens suits you, it is advised to consult a qualifies optometrist before you go shopping lenses. These lenses are suitable even for your children especially during their outdoor activities to help protect your child’s eyes from harmful radiation. Multiple options of lens colors like grey, amber and yellow are available in the Modern Optical Houston. The store offers a wide range of transition lenses from different top-notch and elegant brands. The customer could also choose from cheaper and affordable options which suit your budget.