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Single vision polycarbonate - What is single vision polycarbonate?

Polycarbonate lenses are the fine desire for eyeglasses, sun shades, and sports activities eyewear whilst the protection of the attention is concerned. Polycarbonate lenses are tough, shatter-resistant, light-weight, and best for normal use. They are extra effect-resistant than plastic. They clear out 100% of UV rays in the course of sunlight hours and in fluorescent mild. This aggregate of lightweight comfort, effect resistance, and UV safety makes it a clean desire for Children’s eyewear.



The Development: Polycarbonate came to start with designs for overlaying cockpits in fighter planes, as it provided an effect-resistant, clean window. This enabled pilots a full discipline of vision and ensured protection. In the 1970s, the recognition of polycarbonate grew as NASA began to apply it for astronaut helmet visors and area travel windshields. Polycarbonate became delivered to the overall public withinside the Nineteen Eighties as a secure and inexpensive opportunity to the normal plastic eyeglasses. Today, polycarbonate lenses have set a totally excessive set of eyewear protection. These lenses are an acceptable desire for sports activities personalities, those who paint in risky process environments, and mainly for children. Polycarbonate lenses are much less likely to fracture and are a great desire for those who put on rimless eyeglass frames.


The Manufacturing Process: While maximum plastic lenses are crafted from the Cast molding method, polycarbonate is a thermoplastic that starts as a strong fabric withinside the shape of small pellets. In a lens production method known as Injection molding, the pellets are heated till they melt. The liquid polycarbonate is then swiftly injected into lens molds, compressed beneath neath excessive stress, and cooled to shape a completed lens product in pretty much a few minutes.


The Types: Polycarbonate unmarried imaginative and prescient lenses are of 3 special types: Clear Polycarbonate, Transitions, and Polarized sun shades.


Clear Polycarbonate: Also known as Poly, that is an excessive-index fabric that is tough, shatter-resistant, light-weight, skinny, and secure for energetic wearers, domestic and on-the-process protection, and normally put on. Polycarbonate became the primary plastic excessive index lens and nonetheless has one of the maximum index ratings (1.59). High index benefits are covered with each polycarbonate lens so there may be in no way any greater fee for excessive index whilst polycarbonate lenses are ordered.


Transitions or Photochromic: Transition lenses are an amazing choice for humans touchy to sunlight. These are clean at night time or whilst interior, and darken whilst uncovered to UV rays.


Polarized Sunglasses: Polarized glasses may be worn interior via means of those who are touchy to mild, together with sufferers of cataract surgical treatment and people usually uncovered to vivid mild via home windows as they lessen glare. The mild contemplation is horizontally polarized. Polycarbonate lenses have an extended manner to head and could paintings wonders whilst given a scratch-resistant coating and elegant frames.