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Multifocal Options for You - Progressives Vs Bifocals

If you're forty-something and dealing with troubles in reading pleasant prints together with your modern glasses, then you may be affected by a circumstance known as Presbyopia. Derived from a Greek phrase meaning ‘antique eye’, Presbyopia is resulting from the hardening of the lens making it tough to interchange attention among gadgets close-up and a long way away. The accurate information is that there are masses of lens alternatives to be had at Titan Eyeplus which will pick from.




Progressives are multifocal lenses with 3 viewing regions – distance, intermediate, and close to vision. As they do now no longer have seen traces dividing every place, those lenses can be improper for conventional single vision glasses and so are from time to time known as no-line bifocals.


These lenses are commonly prescribed to individuals who already use spectacles for distance imaginative and prescient however now require a boom withinside the great of near vision for reading and intermediate imaginative and prescient for duties like the usage of a computer. Instead of sporting 3 pairs of glasses, progressives provide an all-in-one convenience. Made to offer a sluggish transition of imaginative and prescient from pinnacle to backside with none seen traces, the higher phase of the lens – the number one viewing place is for distance imaginative and prescient whilst the lowest phase is for close to imaginative and prescient leaving a sliver withinside the center for intermediate vision.


If you’re searching for progressives, here’s it.


Standard Progressive Lenses: These are preferred lenses and do now no longer fee a lot extra than regular Bifocals. A pretty extensive studying place is to be had in Standard modern lenses however you may pick from larger lenses that in shape the vertical distance required in your eyes to journey among distance vision and studying.


Computer Progressive Lenses: For the convenience and comfort of running at a computer, those lenses are for you. These also are known as ‘workplace lenses’ and might offer clean imaginative and prescientness among sixteen inches and six feet. These lenses are high-quality for clean imaginative and prescient at intermediate and close to distance.


Short Corridor Progressive Lenses: These lenses are in particular for fashion-ahead consumers. It gives the identical seamless transition among distance imaginative and prescient and studying however in smaller frames.


Premium Progressive Lenses:  As the call suggests, they're top-rate lenses & provide a distortion-unfastened studying place that extends farther each left and right. These lenses are custom designed so that each one tier of energy in shape well into any frame. They are typically a lot less difficult to get tailored to.





Bifocal lenses are made of parts – the top half for farsightedness and the lowest half for nearsightedness. The sections of the lens are separated with the aid of using a seen line known as the bi-focal line. The section of the lens committed to correcting close to imaginative and prescient may be in numerous shapes which include a half-moon shape (D-bifocal) & spherical section (Kryptok bifocal).


With best zones of imagination and prescient, bifocal lenses do now no longer have an intermediate region of vision, therefore they can not be used for duties like running at a computer. However, a few humans discover it tough to get tailored to bifocals due to the fact the pinnacle and backside regions of vision correction are so different. The trick to this is to slowly educate your eyes to alter to the “photo jump” that takes place on the intervening line among distance and reading areas. The pleasant factor to do that is to put on them always so your eyes alter quickly.




  • For an extra herbal correction of presbyopia, modern lenses are a lot extra desired over bifocals. Bifocals have simply powers – pinnacle half for distance imaginative and prescient and decrease 1/2 of for close to imaginative and prescient. Whereas, there may be a sluggish seamless alternate in energy from distance to close to imaginative and prescient in progressives offering many focal factors pleasant nearly any visible need.

  • Progressive lenses don’t have “photo jump” troubles, in contrast to bifocals. It creates an easy and snug transition from distance to close to and back. The “photo jump” hassle in bifocals takes place on the seen line among distance and studying regions developing troubles in readability and obvious function of gadgets whilst your eyes circulate throughout the seen traces.

  • Since bifocals are commonly related to antique age, modern lenses might appearance higher and provide you with an extra younger appearance due to the fact there aren't any seen traces throughout the lenses.

  • Progressive lenses are technologically advanced to bifocals and do fee extra due to the fact basically, you have become 3 eyeglasses in one. Given the benefit and simplicity, as defined above, modern lenses are a higher preference and really well worth that larger investment.