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Best Eyeglasses and Treatment Lens

Browse your favorite glasses that perfectly fits your face shape by visiting the best eyeglasses showroom of Modern Optical located in Houston. The lens and frames are not only an aid to improve sight or vision, but also a fashion element that lets you project your style and physical appeal. The store offers a range of elegant and sophisticated lenses and frames collection. You could choose from retro to vintage style options according to your preferences.

Instead of the normally tedious process we make your searching for frames be a fun task, and placing your order easy and hassle-free. Modern Optical avails you a set of specially designed lenses that comes with anti-reflective coatings, blue-light reduction, or photochromic technology. We also accept vision insurance benefits from different providers so that you can get elegant glasses at budget-friendly prices. Once you get the prescription from a good optometrist our well qualifies staff helps you choose the right eyewear that suits your face. Our store also sells many renowned brands like Ray-Ban, Oakley, Prada, Police, Burberry, as well as DKNY.

To protect your eyes from blue light as well as harmful glare, Modern Optical offer you a specially designed lens treatment. The store offers its consumers lenses that are capable of filtering high-energy visible blue light hence providing an anti-reflective lens treatment. The potential risks or hazards associated with exposure to HEV light include symptoms like eye fatigue, blurred vision, headache and sometimes sleep disorders. Further, this can also lead to possible damage to retinal photoreceptors every time you get exposed to it. Specially fabricated eyeglass lenses with Recharge EX3 AR treatment can safeguard your eyes and improve your visual comfort. These glasses are helpful for children too in protecting them from harmful UV rays and glare from prolonged staring at screens. The standard air wear polycarbonate material is one of the safest lens materials for kids. This material is strong enough to withstand accidental breakage and it also resists shattering on impact.

Each customer visiting us could choose from a range of rimless, semi-rimless, square, round, oval or the classic wayfarer frames and hence make their style statements. We encourage our consumers to take care of their eyes and get them checked out by a qualified eye care professional each year to ensure they are wearing the right prescription lenses. Our team makes sure customers are treated with the utmost hospitality and fast on-time services are provided. With a positive review from our customers, we continue to be the best optical showroom in the region for years.